Presenting: the ISA-2 tube power amplifier

Max. Output Power before clipping (KT120): 160W

Output type: Pentode push-pull split-load (anode/cathode)

Three regulated supplies for output tubes' screen grids, signal stages

Tubes:  signal stages: 4x 6922/ECC88, 4x 6BM8

output stage: 4x KT88/KT120/KT150 (bias adjustment feature available)

regulators: 4x 12AX7, 1x 6922/ECC88, 1x 12AT7, 1x 6BM8, 1x 6C19Pi, 2x EF86, 1x EL34
frequency response              @ 1W:  5Hz-250kHz +/-0.5dB

@ 120W: 20Hz-40kHz +/-1dB

Total Harmonic Distortion @ 1W: 0.02%  

@ 120W: 0.15%

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